LOTRO Lifetime Subscriptions FAQs

What happened to the LOTRO Lifetime option? When will Lifetime be available again?

The LOTRO Lifetime option is currently unavailable.

There are no plans to offer lifetimes again at the moment. This has been reconfirmed.

There is no Lifetime option for DDO or Asheron's Call.

I have a Lifetime account with Codemasters. Will Turbine honor it?


All existing Codemasters Lifetime accounts that were migrated before the migration service ended were converted to Turbine Lifetime accounts. Codemasters Lifetime accounts that were not migrated are no longer valid.


For more information on the Codemasters migration process, click here.


Lifetime subscribers will now receive their VIP points with 48 hours of their anniversary with Turbine. The anniversary is the date of migration. We have confirmed that most VIPs have correctly received these points for their first month. (Lifetime subscribers who migrate in June get points in June, those who migrate in July get points in July, and so on.)

If I have a Lifetime Subscription, do I still have to purchase expansion packs such as Riders of Rohan?


If you have a LOTRO Lifetime Subscription, you will never have to pay for a monthly subscription again!

Expansion packs (such as Riders of Rohan) may require an initial purchase cost in order access content contained within the expansion pack.


Lifetime Subscription owners would still be responsible for those initial purchase costs.


However, Lifetime Subscription owners will not have any monthly subscription fees of any kind related to the purchase.


Would I still have to pay another one time subscription fee for the new expansion in addition to actually purchasing the expansion?


No. A Lifetime Subscription owner will never have to pay another monthly subscription fee again!


I am a Lifetime Subscriber and am being asked to select a payment method when upgrading my account. What gives?


If you are a Lifetime Member you may see a duplicate display of Lifetime price plan offers below. Choosing either plan will have no effect on your current Lifetime plan, nor will you be charged again.


*Lifetime Membership is available only for so long as the game as in service.


Is it possible to transfer Lifetime status from one subscription to another?


It is not possible to transfer Lifetime status.


Is it possible to suspend my Lifetime account without losing the benefits?


For assistance with this request, please contact Turbine Account Support.

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