LOTRO Free-to-Play FAQs

LOTRO Free-to-Play FAQs

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  • Recommended! The extensive FAQ thread found here should answer most of your Free-to-Play (F2P) questions, and is being constantly updated as questions arise.

Still have questions? Here’s a quick FAQ about the key points of LOTRO Free-to-Play.

How do I start playing for Free?

Visit lotro.com to sign up!

How is it Free?

Simply create an account and download the entire game for free. You will not need to enter in a credit card.

Once installed you can play for free for 100s of hours, create and level a unique hero through 100s of quests and level to the max level for free! This is not a trial, it's an award-winning MMORPG!

If you want, you may shop in the in-game store for extra quests, cosmetic gear, rare mounts, experience boosts, buffs and more. You choose how much or how little you spend. You can even earn points to spend in the store just by playing the game, unlocking items in the store at no cost to you!

There is also an option to join thousands of other fans and become a VIP and get access to additional quests, a monthly point grant, and special perks. Optional VIP is a great service but never required to enjoy the game experience.

There's no risk, and no catch - we make money because our players love the game and find our optional store and VIP services a great value. Decide for yourself and get started today!

I have a lifetime subscription to LOTRO. What does Free-to-Play mean for me?

As a lifetime subscriber to LOTRO, you will keep all of your membership privileges and are automatically upgraded to VIP status. You will receive 500 Free Turbine Points every month like the other VIPs, but you do not have to pay a monthly fee since you are a lifetime member. All you have to do is keep playing the game and visit the LOTRO Store to spend your free Turbine Points.

Special Note: All existing Codemasters Lifetime accounts that were migrated before the migration service ended were converted to Turbine Lifetime accounts. Codemasters Lifetime accounts that were not migrated are no longer valid.

For more information on the Codemasters migration process, click here.

Is this the same model you used with DDO?

It’s very similar in a large number of ways. The basic structure is the same with some changes made to support LOTRO’s different game world and wide-open environment. Customer levels, the LOTRO Store, and other aspects of LOTRO Free-to-Play are all very similar to those of Dungeons and Dragons Online®: Eberron Unlimited™.

I still have questions. Where can I ask them?


If you still have questions after reading the full FAQ, please use the LOTRO Free-to-Play discussion forum for questions and comments!

Make sure you read Executive Producer Kate Paiz’s letter to the community for some great information on where LOTRO is going!

Also, Recommended! MORE FAQS! This thread is being constantly updated as questions arise.

The Gold Cap and Escrow

"Because you have reached your Currency, X Gold has been transferred to your currency cap."

There is a 5 gold currency cap on Free and Premium subscribers. Money will continue to accumulate over the cap for a character (i.e. no gold is lost), and there is no limit to how much money can be accumulated over the cap. However, the money will not actually be delivered to the character's wallet until the cap is removed. You cannot spend gold to access the escrow.

You can remove the currency cap by purchasing the 'Remove Gold Restriction' offer from the Turbine Store. The cap does not apply to VIP subscribers. The only exception is for a Premium account which has been downgraded from VIP: any character which was played while an account was VIP will continue to have no gold cap.

"You cannot send or trade currency until subscribing or purchasing Turbine Points."

This message will be given to Free subscribers. To send/trade currency you must have a Premium or VIP subscription. Purchasing Turbine Points immediately upgrades your account to Premium status.

If you have purchased Turbine Points and are still receiving this error message, please contact Account Support by clicking here.

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