How do I reactivate a cancelled DDO subscription?

I am a former DDO player. How do I get back into my old account?

All that you need to do to get back into DDO is install DDO onto your computer and log in to the game with the same Username and Password that you used to use! You will not need any product keys to get back in the game with your old account. Please disregard/uncheck any prompts for a product key during reinstallation.

To download the DDO client digitally, click here.

You will be awarded Premium player status and you will be able to log into the game.

You may also consider joining the VIP program to receive 500 Free Turbine Points automatically every month and gain access to unique privileges. You can upgrade to VIP at any time by visiting and clicking 'Get Unlimited Access'.

Will my old characters still be on my cancelled account?

Unless the characters were manually deleted, they will be still be on your cancelled account!

Missing characters? Click here.

Forgot your old Username and/or Password? Click here.

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