What happens if I cancel my LOTRO VIP subscription?

If you cancel your LOTRO VIP subscription, your account will remain VIP until the day before your next billing date, at which point the subscription will be downgraded to Premium status, and you can continue playing without being charged. No account that has ever been VIP or Premium will be downgraded to Free status.

There are three different subscription types:

  • VIP
  • FREE

More information on the different subscription types can be found here.

For more information on cancelling VIP status, please click here.

All three subscription types can shop in the LOTRO Store!

When I hit cancel subscription, I'll still be VIP untill the end of the pay cycle, right?

That is correct. All of our cancellations are "End-Term", which simply means you will retain full VIP access through the current billing period.

I subscribed to get VIP status and immediately cancelled the subscription to stop automatic renewal. I checked my subscription and my status is "Premium". What happened?

If you upgrade your subscription to VIP and cancel immediately, the subscription may not upgrade and your payment method may not be charged the subscription fee.

In order to make sure that you account remains active for the full 30 days, please do not cancel until 24 hours after placing an activation request. This will ensure that your card is charged and the account remains active.

Note: If you cancel same day as detailed above, you may not receive any VIP points. If you do not cancel the same day, you will receive your VIP points within 2 days of the successful subscription payment.

What happens to my characters?

Once the subscription expires, it will drop into a Premium account state. This means that you will have access to only three of the five characters, three inventory bags vs. five bags, etc. Please review lotro.com/free.php for more information on the different status levels. We don't delete any information or characters on accounts that are inactive. If you decide to go back to VIP status, all of your characters will be waiting for you.


If I downgrade from VIP to Premium, do I get to keep my monster play characters?

Aside from the Reaver, your monster play characters will become locked and unavailable to play. The characters will not be deleted! They will be available to play again once you return to VIP status.

What about the Turbine Points I have banked? I got them every month and have some left over.

Keep them. They're yours!

What happens to items I purchase if I go back and forth between Free and VIP?

Anything you've purchased as a Free player will still be yours if you upgrade to VIP and then back to Premium.

If I am VIP and then downgrade to Premium, will I get swift travel?

Swift travel is available to VIPs for free.

Swift travel can be temporarily unlocked (1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days) with the Writ of Special Passage from the LOTRO Store for Free or Premium players. The swift routes in the beginning areas are free to all players.

Premium players who were previously VIP get to keep unlocked access to swift travel routes they had access to while VIP. Please note that only the characters played while the subscription was VIP will have access to the swift travel routes, and each character will only have access to the swift travel routes which that specific character could access. Characters created after a subscription downgrade from VIP to Premium will only have access to beginning area swift travel routes.

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