How do I contact Turbine Customer Support?

How, When and What of contacting Turbine Customer Support

This article will provide information on who to contact when you have a specific support question or issue.

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français: Envoyer un Ticket 

Deutsch: Ein Ticket senden

Technical Support

For any kind of technical issue with running the game, installing the game or connecting to the game, start by reviewing the game forums here (LOTRO) or here (DDO).

There are also a large number of technical answers to FAQs in the Knowledge Base.

If you're not able find an answer by any of these avenues, you can contact the Turbine Tech Support department by completing the email form here. Any subscriber-type (Free, Premium, VIP) can submit a ticket to Technical Support.

Account / Billing Support

You can manage your account at any time by logging in to your Turbine (game) account at the "My Account Page"

For issues with your account, subscription, adding or updating billing information, password reset emails, missing Turbine Store points, etc. you can review the sticky posts or post your questions here (LOTRO) or here (DDO).

You can also check the Knowledge Base. This is especially true if you are getting a billing related error that has a number associated with it, since many of the more common billing errors are listed there.

If you have a question about your specific account and situation, or can't find an answer in any of the above avenues, you can call or email the Account Support department.

Send an email here.

NOTE: The form requests card information for verification purposes if one is on file. If you do not have a credit card on file, simply enter “none” for the card holder name, and “0000” for the last 4 digits of the card. Any subscriber-type (Free, Premium, VIP) can submit a ticket to Account Support.

Contact Account Support toll-free at 1-855-WBGAMES Account Support Hours: 12pm – 7pm Eastern Time 7 days a week (GMT -5) If calling isn't an option, we can provide you with fax details via email.

Please note that this telephone number is for Account Support only. The Account Support Team is unable to assist with technical, in-game, or forum concerns.

We provide Customer Support via Twitter as well!


Forums Support

For assistance with forums issues, such as difficulty logging into the forums, creating a forums username, difficulty changing forum password, etc, please complete the form here.

Following Up with Support After Submitting a Support Request Ticket

When you fill out the "Submit a ticket" form, you will be sent a confirmation message that might also contain some information based on the support fields you selected when filling out the form. Be sure to carefully read this email and follow any directions in it. To reply to support emails: first, your email's subject line will be along the lines of "Ticket # 24001 -##### - Turbine Customer Support". Please do not modify or remove that information, since it is how our system tracks your replies in the ticket you have opened. (If the information is edited, we will still receive the reply, but response time can be affected).

Also, these emails will be coming from "". After sending in a ticket request, make sure that you log into your email provider's website to check their spam/junk mail folders just in case. They might erroneously flag these messages as such, and usually will not let an external email program or a cell phone download or view these messages. Adding that address to your email provider's "safe senders" list as well as your address book/contacts list should prevent future messages being flagged this way.

Please be sure to add the email addresses '' and ' ' to your address book or 'Safe Senders' list. Emails for recovering your username and password, and about account changes, come from ' '. Store confirmation emails come from ''. Adding these emails to your contacts list will prevent them from being blocked as Spam by your service provider, or lost in your Spam/Junk folder.

Tracking a Support Request Ticket

It is possible to track a ticket submitted to In-Game Support. However, it is not currently possible to track a ticket submitted through All tickets are handled in the order in which they are received, and will be processed as quickly as possible.

In-Game Support

Note: In-game Support is currently only available for VIP and Premium members. Free accounts do not have access to In-Game Support Game Masters (GM's).

To contact a Game Master while logged into the game:

1. Press Esc or F1
2. Click on the Help tab

You can choose from the ticket categories and a description of each ticket category will display to assist you select the correct category for your concern. Once you have summarized your problem, click Submit. As soon as an In-Game representative is available, you will be contacted through the chat window in-game.

The help provided by the In-Game Support Team Game Masters (GM's) is limited to issues such as abuse, cheating or other undesirable interactions with other players. The In-Game Support Team may not answer “how to” questions.

To help provide a quality in-game support experience to all active VIP and Premium Players, Turbine has implemented new In-Game ticket submission restrictions for free/inactive players. There are now two levels of support: "Base" and "Full". Base Support includes access to the Knowledge Base, Technical Support ticket submission and Account Management ticket submission. Base Support is available to all players, regardless of account status.

Full Support includes all of the Base Support access and also includes access to In-Game Ticket submission. All VIP subscribers will automatically have access to Full Support. Premium customers will have access to Full Support for a duration of time after purchasing points. The amount of Full Support access for Premium customers is determined directly by the amount spent on points.

$1.00 - 15 days
$14.99 - 30 days
$30.00 - 90 days
$60.00 - 180 days
$100.00 - 365 days

Please be aware that there is currently a known issue in gaining access to Full Support. Manual point purchases, made through the assistance of an Account Management Representative (including the gifting of points to friends or family members) will not currently provide access to Full Support.

To send any feedback regarding the In-Game Support experience, click here.

To track or cancel a ticket that you’ve submitted to In-Game Support

1. While logged in-game, press Esc
2. Click HELP
3. Click ‘Track Tickets’

Bug Reports

To report a gameplay issue, you can submit a Bug Report. Please note that Bug Reports do not receive responses. They should be used for issues that need to be fixed but don't necessarily directly affect your account or access. Examples of this include landscape problems, typos, and broken skills. For issues that affect your account, require technical assistance (such as crashing or losing connection) or require a response from a GM, please submit via the other request options as noted above.

Paid Services

The following Paid Services are available!


Character Transfer


Character Transfer

Feedback and Suggestions

You can always provide constructive feedback and suggestions in the LOTRO or DDO suggestion forum. These forums are always reviewed, and the feedback is passed along to the appropriate departments.

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