LOTRO World Character Transfer FAQs

What is a World Character Transfer?

A World Character Transfer is when a LOTRO character is relocated from one server to another. For example, if your character currently resides on Brandywine and you would like to play with your friends on Firefoot, you can transfer your character from Brandywine to Firefoot with a World Character Transfer.

How do World Character Transfers work?

Character transfers are processed with Transfer Tokens. These tokens can be purchased through our LOTRO Market website. Once you have a Transfer Token added to your account, it can be used to transfer your character here. The transfer will be processed very quickly, so that you will never be late, and you’ll arrive precisely when you mean to. Please be sure that you are not logged into the game when you transfer your character.

Please note: The tokens you purchase cannot be applied or transferred to other accounts or subscriptions, so make sure to purchase the Token on the subscription that the character to be transferred is on!

KNOWN ISSUE: If you try to change your display name at transfers.lotro.com, you may not see your characters listed. If you're changing your subscription and you don't see your characters, visit lotro.com and log into the website with the same username and password that you use to log into the game. Once logged into the site, update to the intended subscription. Once you've updated to the correct subscription, return to transfers.lotro.com and you should be able to see the intended characters.

KNOWN ISSUE: If you have not accessed the character you are trying to transfer recently, it may not display on the ‘Transfer your character’ website. If you are unable to see the character you would like to transfer from the ‘Transfer your character’ website, please log in with that character and then log out. The character should then be available on the website after a fresh log in.

Which server can I transfer my character to?

Characters can be transferred between all servers, with the following exception:

Transfers between North American and European servers are currently unavailable.

North American Servers

· Arkenstone

· Brandywine

· Crickhollow

· Dwarrowdelf

· Elendilmir

· Firefoot

· Gladden

· Imladris

· Landroval

· Meneldor

· Nimrodel

· Riddermark

· Silverlode

· Vilya

· Windfola

European Servers

· Anduin [DE]

· Belegaer [DE-RP]

· Eldar

· Estel [FR-RP]

· Evernight

· Gilrain

· Gwaihir

· Laurelin

· Maiar

· Morthond

· Sirannon

· Snowbourn

· Vanyar

       · Withywindle

Any changes to this service will be announced here.

Will all characters on my account be transferred or just one?

One character = One Transfer Token. If you choose to do so, you can purchase additional Transfer Tokens for an additional fee for each character. More information can be found here.

What should I expect from the World Character Transfer Process?

The World Character Transfer process WILL transfer your character with all of its experience, rank, items, and quest progression intact.

The World Character Transfer process WILL NOT transfer your shared wardrobe, shared currencies (shards), kinship status/association, auction house, player-owned housing, or in-game mail. If you transfer a character that owns a house, the house will be lost. Your character's Skirmish history will NOT transfer. Please be aware that items in Shared Storage will remain on the original server, and any storage items bound to the character being transferred will be removed.

How long will it take to process this service?

With the new automated character transfer service, how long your transfer takes is dependent on how many other transfers are in queue. An estimated time for your transfer will display on the Character selection page.

LOTRO World Character Transfer Policies

In addition to Turbine’s Terms of Service, the following terms and conditions will apply to all Paid Services. In the event of a conflict between Turbine’s Terms of Service and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions will apply.

  • World Character Transfers are not guaranteed.
  • Turbine cannot transfer characters from one account or subscription to another.
  • Turbine reserves the right to deny a World Character Transfer request for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion.

Restoration will not be possible for items or quest progress lost during a World Character Transfer.

A World Character Transfer will result in the removal of any current kinship affiliation.

A World Character Transfer will result in the removal of any ongoing auctions and any mail contained within mailbox. In the event that payment for a World Character Transfer is disputed or withdrawn, Turbine reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the Turbine subscription(s) associated with that transaction. Payment Policy for All Paid Services Turbine is not responsible for any overdraft fees resulting from customers using cards with insufficient balances to cover the above costs.

What if someone else already has my name on the destination server?

If your character name is already in use on the destination server you will be automatically be assigned a free rename credit. The rename credit will allow you to rename your character by typing /changename newname (replacing "newname" with the name you would like your character to have) in the chat window command line. You will only have access to use the /changename command until a valid new name is obtained successfully.

Please use the /changename command wisely as this credit has a one-time use. If you make a typo or choose a name you are not satisfied, with we will be unable to credit a refund.

NOTE: If your character has been assigned a rename credit, the credit must be used within 30 days of the character being transferred.

What happens if the character with the same name belongs to the player doing the transfer? Does the character get transferred with an automatic rename, OR, does the transferred character replace the existing character?

The character who is on the server first always gets to keep the name. The character being moved onto the server always gets the name change. We won't delete one of the characters, and we don't check to see what account the current character is associated with.

As the possibility that a rename is required is built into the transfer process, there is no penalty for forcing this by creating a character to hold the name and force the change.

So, feel free to create characters on your destination server with the current names of the characters you want to move and rename.

Do all my belongings come with my character?

All of your inventory and equipped items will transfer with your character. Please be aware that any items in Shared Storage will remain on the original server and any storage items bound to the character being transferred will be removed.

It says 'Worn Items and Inventory Items will be transferred'. Does this mean that Vault Items will not be transferred?

Vault items WILL be transferred.

Things that will NOT be transferred include:

  • Outstanding auction items and bids that your character has in the Auction House 
  • Money and Items not yet detached in mail
  • Friends/Ignore lists
  • Shared Wardrobe
  • Shared Currencies (Shards)
  • Mithril Coins
  • Shared Storage (including shared items)
  • Player-owned housing
  • Player-owned housing items left inside a player-owned house (this includes decorations and items inside the storage chests, as well as items left in escrow)
  • Kinship/Tribe information and status
  • Skirmish history 
  • Skirmish currencies (i.e. Marks, Medallions and Seals)
  • Destiny Points

Do my Destiny Points get transferred over to the new server?

Destiny Points are server-based, not account/subscription or character-based. This means that if you transfer a character from Brandywine to Elendilmir, the Destiny Points will remain on Brandywine. The Destiny Points left on Brandywine will be usable on all characters on your subscription on Brandywine.

I understand I would lose my house in that it wouldn't be transferred with me. But my other toons on the server would still have it, correct?

A house is specific to the character that owns it. You can grant access to your other characters, but they do not own the house. If you transfer the character who bought the house to another server, you will lose the house and anything left in it. The other characters will not be able to access it anymore.

I’m thinking of transferring. Currently my house is locked out because I was away from the game for a while. Do I have to abandon my house before I can transfer my character?

You do not have to abandon the house, but if the character being moved is the one that purchased it, then you'll lose the house. Nothing in the house will move with you. Nothing in your mail or the auction house moves, and shared bank items stay as well.

Do I need to be logged into the game to get transferred to the new server?

You cannot be logged into the game on the character that is being transferred while you've submitted a request, or the transfer will fail.

Can I transfer a monster play character with a LOTRO World Character Transfer?

Yes. Monster play characters can be transferred with a LOTRO World Character Transfer. Please note that two monster play characters of the same class cannot exist on the same account on the same server at any given time. For example, if you already have an Orc Reaver on Landroval, you cannot transfer a new Orc Reaver to Landroval.

Is it possible to use Game Cards to purchase a Transfer Token?

No. The current payment methods accepted are:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Ultimate Pay

You can add a payment method to your account by logging into https://myaccount.turbine.com with the same Username and Password that you use to log into the game and clicking on ‘Payment Method’.

Does my account need to be VIP or Premium to have a character transferred?

No. You can request a character transfer regardless of your subscription type.

Does transferring a character affect my VIP status?

Transferring a character does not affect anything on your account other than the character being transferred.

I am thinking about switching servers and was wondering if the quest packs you buy on one server transfers to another?

Yes. Quest packs are an account level purchase. In fact, you can create a new character on a different server and you will have access to your quest packs there.

Can I transfer a character from one account to another?

It is not possible to transfer a character from one account to another.

Can I move Transfer Tokens from one account to another?

Transfer Tokens cannot be applied or transferred to other accounts, so make sure to purchase the bundle you plan to use on that account.

Can I transfer a character from one subscription to another?

It is not possible to transfer a character from one subscription to another.

Great! How do I get started with a character transfer?

Once you've purchased a Transfer Token through the LOTRO Market website, you can use it to transfer your character by clicking here.

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