How do I configure my Windows 7 Firewall to allow LOTRO to connect?

To configure or update your Windows firewall to allow the game files to connect to the internet, please take the steps below:

Click on the Windows "Start" button:

Choose "Control Panel" from the menu:

In Control Panel choose "System and Security" then "Windows Firewall" and then "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall":

Click the "Change Settings" button in the upper-right:

Scroll through the list that comes up looking for these three files:

  • "TurbineLauncher.exe"
  • "TurbineInvoker.exe"
  • "lotroclient.exe"

Note: If they are listed there already, click on them to select them, and then click the "Remove" button on the bottom right. This will take them out of the "Allowed Programs" list so that they can be re-added manually.

Follow these steps below to add them to the list manually:

  1. Click the "Allow another program" button
  2. Click on the "Browse" button on the next dialog window (this will open a "Browse" window to locate the files)
  3. On the left side, click the icon labeled "Computer"
  4. Find your "C:" drive in the list (it might show up as "Local Disk C:")
  5. Double-click on C: and then double-click on these folders:
  6. - "Program Files" (Use "Program Files (x86)" instead if you see that one listed)
  7. - "Turbine"
  8. - "The Lord of the Rings Online"
  9. In that folder, you should see the three files detailed above. Starting with "lotroclient.exe" (they should be listed alphabetically), click to select it and click the "Open" button toward the bottom-right.
  10. Next, click 'Add' to add the file to the "Allowed Programs" list.

Now, repeat those steps above doing the same procedures for the other two files: "TurbineInvoker.exe", and "TurbineLauncher.exe".

If you have a non-Microsoft Windows third-party provided firewall application or similar internet security suite, check with the program provider for directions on adding programs to its exceptions. They are most likely similar to the above, but the options and menus may vary.

Important: The networking hardware you use (e.g. your router and/or modem) may also employ a "built-in" firewall that also can block programs. You may need to configure that as well. You should check with your router/modem providers to determine this and the steps needed, as these hardware-based firewalls may also need to be configured/updated to allow the game's connection.

For assistance with configuring your non-Windows "software" firewall/internet or web security tools, please contact the program's vendor. We have listed some of the major software firewall providers below for your convenience. If yours is not listed, we would recommend referring to the programs "readme", help files or "Contact us" info for details on reaching them.

Zone Alarm
Agnitum Outpost

Important: If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) included internet security software such as a firewall/internet security suite with your service, and you installed it, you may need to contact your ISP regarding its configurations for allowing program files to connect.

If you need further assistance, please follow up with Technical Support.

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