What is the LOTRO Wardrobe?

The Wardrobe is a shared storage system for cosmetic items. The default storage available is 20 slots, but it may be upgraded by 10 slot increments to a maximum of 50 via the LOTRO Store. The Wardrobe allows you to share any cosmetic item, even if it is bound, across all characters on the same account and server.

Dropping a cosmetic item into the Wardrobe creates a copy of it; the original will still be on your character. Once an item is added to the Wardrobe it may be equipped directly from the Wardrobe by any character on your account. Simply drag it correctly to the appropriate slot on your character’s paper doll. Multiple characters can use the item at the same time.

In addition, the item may be dyed directly in the Wardrobe. Additional colors do not take up additional storage - they are added to a dropdown list for that item. Experiment!

Wardrobe System

By: Elliot “Avon” Gilman

Volume III, Book 2 will introduce the Wardrobe System, a system guaranteed to take your hoarding habit to the next level. If you‘re like me, your shared storage and vault are busting at the seams with items, many of which are cosmetic outfits or have an appearance too nice to part with. The Wardrobe System is designed to store the appearances of these items and includes some unique features not seen with shared storage or the vault.

Using the Wardrobe

A major difference between the wardrobe and other types of storage is that an item moved into the wardrobe is copied; the original item will remain whereever it originated. The wardrobe will copy key information, such as the item’s name, appearance, description, and color, leaving the original untouched. What you decide to do with the original item is up to you and has no impact on its doppelganger in the wardrobe. You may decide to delete or sell the original to free up storage space elsewhere, or if the item is not bound to you, you can give it away to a friend. In a lot of ways this functionality is similar to how the outfit system works. You are never really moving clothing to an outfit slot but rather the outfit system copies the appearance to that slot.

Unlike real-world closets, this wardrobe can only store clothing and initially is limited to 20 items. Additional space can be purchased in the LOTRO Store in increments of 10, up to a total of 50.

It’s important to note that the wardrobe does not copy an item’s stats. Gear moved to wardrobe will look like the original but it can only be cosmetically worn, giving no benefit aside from making you look fabulous.

The wardrobe can be accessed by talking to any of the Vault-keepers. Clothing already stored in your vault and shared storage will have to be moved to your pack prior to being placed in the wardrobe. A simple drag-and-drop from your pack to the wardrobe will copy the item’s appearance and information to it.


The wardrobe has the usual sorting and filtering features you’re already familiar with, along with a new filtering option, “Colour,” which allows you to show only outfits of a specific color.




Dyeing Items in the Wardrobe


Dyes can be applied to items in your wardrobe by using the dye and selecting the item you wish to have colored. When the dye is applied it will not overwrite the current color but instead add it to the item’s available list of colors. This allows you to collect all color variants of an item without taking up additional space elsewhere!



In the above screenshot the Lawgiver’s Robe has been dyed three times giving it a total of four colors to choose from. The default color is the non-dyed version of the item.


The Selection Colour, as seen in the screenshots, is a drop-down list of available colors for the selected item. Items that haven’t been dyed will only have one color to choose from. Use this selector to choose the color you want to wear before dragging the item to an outfit slot.


Wearing Items from Wardrobe


Wearing items from the wardrobe is as easy as opening your character panel, selecting one of your outfit tabs, and dragging the item from the wardrobe to the appropriate slot. The item in the wardrobe will remain there as your character takes on the appearance of it.


Removing Items from the Wardrobe


Removing items from the wardrobe is done by selecting the item you wish to delete and clicking the Remove Item button. This will completely purge the item and all its color variants from wardrobe with no chance of recovering it. Before the item is cleared you will be asked to confirm the deletion as this operation is irreversible.


The Other Feature


The wardrobe is shared among all of your characters on the world giving them access to the same clothes, potentially giving your low level alternates access to high level outfits. Furthermore, they can have access to outfits previously requiring reputation to wear. If a character obtains an outfit and meets the requirements to wear it, they can put it into the wardrobe for your other characters to use.



The image above shows a low level alternate character wearing an outfit normally requiring ally standing with the Elves of Rivendell. The character can use this outfit thanks to another character, on the same account and on the same server (world), who met the requirements prior to adding it to the wardrobe.


Some Restrictions Apply


Not all items placed in the wardrobe can be used by your alternate characters. Some gear, such as armor or raid gear, cannot be used by other characters unless they meet the required armor proficiency of the item. For example, my Champion’s Rift gear can be placed in wardrobe but it’s only usable to my other characters who can equip heavy armor. Conversely, all of my alternates can wear my Lore-master’s Rift gear, as it only requires Light Armor proficiency.


We hope you enjoy using the wardrobe!


I purchased 10 additional cosmetic slots and it did not apply to my account. I had 20 and now should have 30.

Are you a previous VIP subscriber that has downgraded to PREMIUM status?

The original 20 Wardrobe Spaces are available to you when you had VIP access. To be able to gain access to those 20 spaces again, you would either need to reinstate a VIP subscription plan or purchase them in the LOTRO Store.

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