What are Bookmarks in the LOTRO Store?

We’ve recently added a new feature in the LOTRO Store: Bookmarks! We hope that the Bookmarks feature will help you keep better track of the items that you’re interested in!

Here’s how it works:

While viewing an item in the store, you’ll see a ‘Bookmark This Item’ option.

Clicking on this option will add the item to your Bookmarks. You can add any available item in the store to your Bookmarks, even items that your character cannot use.

You can access your Bookmarks by clicking the Bookmark icon in the center of the store window:

Opening this window will allow you to view and edit the list of items you currently have set as Bookmarks.

A few things to note:

·         Account level items will be removed from your Bookmarks on after purchase.

·         A bookmarked item which your character cannot use will have a red/grey border around its icon.

·         You cannot purchase an item from the bookmarks list. You will still need to add the item to your cart.

What are these new icons on items in the LOTRO Store?

We’ve recently added some new display icons to the items available in the LOTRO Store.

Here’s a guide to what these icons represent.

Featured Items - Items with this icon are current ‘Staff Picks’ and are displayed prominently in the store.
Hot Items - Items with this icon are current bestsellers in the store.
Limited Time Items - Items with this icon are only available in the store for a limited time. Act Fast!
New Items – Items with this icon have been newly added to the store.
Sale Items – Items with this icon are currently on sale in the store.
Seasonal Items- Items with this icon are seasonal items, and may be unavailable once the current season ends.

The LOTRO Store is full of items and features that can enhance your fun in game! As you play LOTRO, you’ll earn Turbine Points for free that you can spend in the LOTRO Store. If you need more Points, or you prefer some instant gratification, you can purchase Turbine Points directly from the LOTRO Store.

Using the LOTRO Store is quick, easy, and fun! Whether you’re looking for something practical (like a potion) or something to spice up your day, buying from the LOTRO Store is as easy as a click of your mouse!

There are four steps to getting items from the LOTRO Store:

Step 1: Open the LOTRO Store in-game
Step 2: Get more Turbine Points if you need them
Step 3: Place the item or feature you want in your cart
Step 4: Checkout to instantly get the item/feature right in game

Let’s look at these steps in more detail!

Step 1: Opening the Store

You can find the LOTRO Store right in the game; there’s no need to log out! The Store is fully integrated into the game, and can be accessed multiple ways for your convenience. In most cases, just look for the golden Turbine Point icon and you’re on your way!

You can also visit the Store right from the character selection screen!

To open the Store from your menu bar, click on the Turbine Point icon. This will open the Store to the main LOTRO Store homepage. From here you can see the deals of the day, popular items, and browse the categories!

You can also open the Store by holding down the Ctrl and S keys (remember: S for Store!) to be taken to the Store homepage.

As you come across premium features and adventures, you’ll see Turbine Point icons, “Buy Now” buttons, or even little help ads that you can click on to open the Store. Clicking on these buttons/banners will open the Store automatically and often right to that particular item or feature for easy purchasing.

Even the character creation screen can provide you access to the LOTRO Store! Anywhere you see a “Buy Now” or Turbine Point icon you can open the Store.

Once you’re in the Store you can do a little shopping or even check your Turbine Points balance.

Step 2: Picking your item

Learn about all the browsing options available in the Store, and find out how you can select items for your character!

There are a number of ways to find exactly what you’re looking for, or discover new items, in the LOTRO Store.

1 - The Category Bar

This is a great way to look through all the features and items available for you and your characters. All items and features are sorted into helpful categories and sub-categories, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for. Just click on the category and the sub-categories will appear. Click on the sub-category to be taken to a list of items for sale.

2 - Cool Stuff & Featured Items

The LOTRO Store will feature sales and discounts on a regular basis and you’ll find them all right here. Check back often for great deals!

3 - Today’s Deals

This section of the LOTRO Store features all items available at a discount. Check here often for great deals!

4 - Bestsellers

Here you’ll find the best selling items from the past seven days. What are other players purchasing? Now you know!

5- Recent Buys

This section of the LOTRO Store tracks your past purchases. This is very handy when you know that you’ll be buying specific items often while you play.

You can also use the “Search” field in the upper left of the Store to look for items by keywords or phrases!

As you browse, remember that the LOTRO Store automatically filter out items that you can’t use or that you don’t need to purchase because you’ve already unlocked them. As you gain levels, play with different races and/or classes, and gain character abilities, you’ll find even more selections available for your character.

When you’re ready to get your item, click the “Buy” button to add it to your cart. If you’d like to add a few more things to your cart before you check out, click “Continue Shopping.” The Store will remember the items you’ve already added to your cart. If you change your mind about a purchase before you’ve finished the transaction, just click the “Remove” button next to the item and it will be taken out of your shopping cart.

Please note that character level purchases must be made from in-game on the character that you want to receive the items on.

Uh oh, you want to get your item but you just realized you don’t have enough Turbine Points to make the purchase! Getting more Turbine Points is easy, and there are multiple ways to do it!

Step 3: Getting Turbine Points

It’s important to know how many Turbine Points you currently have available on your account when you’re in the mood to get something from the LOTRO Store. You can check your current Points balance in the upper right corner of the Store in the “Your Points” box. Need to buy Turbine Points? There are two ways to buy! Click here for more information!

Earning Free Turbine Points

You can earn Turbine Points just by completing various deeds and traits in the game! Track the Turbine Points you have earned by checking your Deed Log.

Buying Turbine Points

You can also purchase Turbine Points right in the game! Simply click the “Get More” button in the upper right corner of the Store. Another way to add Points is to use the “My Account” button. This option allows you to change your payment method, redeem cards, add Points, and view your purchase history.

This will take you to the Points purchase section of the Store, where you can select how many Turbine Points you’d like to buy. You can buy bundles of Points great and small. Select the bundle you want and click the “Buy” button.

If you’ve never purchased Turbine Points before, you’ll need to enter a payment method. The LOTRO Store accepts credit cards, debit cards that can be used as a credit card, even Paypal. You can also buy Turbine Points with your mobile phone by using Boku. Once you have a payment method on file, you may continue adding more Points bundles or check out to get your Points.

When you’ve entered your payment method and are ready to pick up some Points, click the “Buy” button. You can also use the “Checkout with PayPal” button. A receipt for your purchase will be sent to the email associated with your game account, and a receipt screen will display for you in the Store. Your Turbine Points balance will automatically update after you’ve made your Points purchase!

More Ways to get Points

VIP rewards

To learn more about the benefits of the VIP program, click here!

Turbine Point Cards

How do I redeem a Turbine Point Card?

To redeem your Turbine Point Card:

  1. Log into the game
  2. Open the store by clicking on the button on pressing Ctrl + S
  3. Click the "Add Points" button on the top right, next to your point balance
  4. On the right hand side of the screen under “Redeem Points Card’, enter your code and click "Redeem Now"
  5. Confirm the points on the next screen
  6. Spend your points!

Alternatively, you can redeem your Point Card at myaccount.turbine.com.

  1. Log into myaccount.turbine.com with your username and password
  2. Go down to your subscription (which you can identify by your unique nickname) and click 'Add Game Time or Points Code'
  3. Enter your 25 character code in the entry box and click 'Submit'
  4. On the next screen, agree to the Terms of Service and click the yellow 'Submit' button
  5. Your points should now be available for use! You should receive an email confirmation and text at the top of your screen. Either log into the game or refresh the store to see your new balance

Step 4: Checking out

You have the Turbine Points. You have the items you want in your cart. Now it’s time to check out! Click on “View Cart” to return to your shopping cart. In your shopping cart in the lower right corner click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button. You’ll be given a summary of what you are buying and how many total Points your purchase is worth. Complete your transaction by clicking “Place Order” and you’ll get a pop-up message thanking you for your purchase. The Store will also give a summary of your purchases, and a confirmation email will be sent to the address we have on file for you.

Remember that most LOTRO Store items / features are bound to character or account, and all purchases are final, so be sure you really want the item, feature, and/or Points bundle before checking out!

If you’re buying a feature, it will be unlocked automatically when you place your order. If you’re buying an item, the item will be automatically placed in your inventory when you place your order.

You’re all set! In four steps the item you want can be yours:

Step 1: Open the Store

Step 2: Place the item or feature in your cart

Step 3: Get more Turbine Points if you need them

Step 4: Check out to instantly get the item/feature

Do DDO and LOTRO points combine?

No. Turbine Points are not transferable, so Turbine Points purchased in the DDO Store cannot be transferred to the LOTRO Store or vice-versa.

Are Turbine Points shared between all of the characters on my subscription?

Yes. Points are shared between all characters on a subscription. If you earn or spend Turbine Points while playing a character, the overall balance of Turbine Points on your subscription will be affected.

Is it possible to transfer Turbine Points from one account to another?

It is not possible to transfer Turbine Points purchased on one account over to another account.

Is it possible to transfer Turbine Points from one subscription to another?

It is not possible to transfer Turbine Points purchased on one subscription over to another subscription.

No Refunds

All store purchases are final and non-refundable. Be sure you really want the points or item you have selected.

Store Purchase Issues

If you have any issue with a store purchase or the delivery of a store purchase (points, items, etc) please close the store and then reopen it. If this does not resolve the issue, please close the game and then reopen and log in again. If this still does not resolve the issue, please contact the Account Support Team and they will be happy to research the issue. You may call or submit a web inquiry. If you call, please note that this type of research can be very involved, and is therefore generally not able to be completed while on the phone, but will be researched and an answer sent via email.

Contact the Account Support Team by clicking here.



For all questions regarding payment methods other than the accepted payment methods list above, please contact UltimatePay.


Email Support is available 24 hours 7 days a week.


customerservice@paybycash.com              CSPayByCash

customersupport@ultimatepay.com           CSUltimatePay

de-help@paybycash.com                           German Support

es-help@paybycash.com                           Spanish Support

fr-help@paybycash.com                            French Support

pt-help@paybycash.com                           Portuguese Support

Phone Support is available Monday-Friday 9am-8pm EST and Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm EST at 1-877-703-6339

Purchases and Upgrades

If you are a Free subscriber and purchase Turbine Points, your subscription is permanently upgraded to Premium status.

More information on the three subscription types can be found here.

Note: If you are a Free Player who has made a purchase, you will need to completely log out of the game and back in for your status to show as a Premium Player.

Free Samples!

Free Sample Of The Week in the LOTRO Store! Learn more here.

Purchases and Downgrades

Anything that you explicitly purchase with gold or Turbine points (things that aren't included with VIP) you keep if you downgrade from VIP to Premium. Any purchased expansions, bank slots, etc. you'll be able to keep, even if you downgrade from VIP.

Points Exchanges for Non-Store Items, Favors, etc

Please be reminded that the exchange of in-game items or money for real world items, money or consideration is a violation of the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct, and can result in disciplinary action. Using Point Codes (or other non-currency items with real world value) to buy gold or in-game items is considered a violation of this portion of the ToS and CoC. Turbine does take this very seriously, to help keep the economy balanced. Seriously, you can ask in game (carefully) about what happens.

Turbine points cannot be moved between subscriptions or accounts. The sale of LOTRO Store items for in-game gold or items isn't something that is intended and certainly not something that is supported by Turbine. There is no protection for the seller or the buyer if anything suspect takes place and this type of activity may also result in disciplinary action. This applies to everything available in the store, including expansions, items, and so on.

Currency Cap

The "Currency Cap" item only removes the cap on the currency. It does not change any other currency restrictions, like trading.

Store Items vs non-Store Items

Any restrictions on an item are specific to that item. The item description will note what restrictions apply.

Store items are restricted to account or character. All items will note what the applicable restrictions are. These items cannot be sold, traded, mailed, auctioned, etc. (Account bound items are transferrable via Shared Storage only.)

Non-store items (including current items) may be bound, or if not bound they may be free to trade, mail, auction, etc. Any items that are not restricted may freely be sold, traded, etc without worry. The launch of Free Play did not change the bound or unbound status of items previously acquired.

Account Store Items - Any limitations?

"Account" changing items such as character slots, shared bank space, quest packs, classes, etc. are subscription wide. This is notable because you can have multiple subscriptions on a single account. You can have AC, DDO and LOTRO all on a single account (single username) or even multiple DDO and LOTRO subscriptions on a single account (username).

Shared Bank Space

If you purchase the shared bank space, you have access to a server specific shared bank space on all of the servers. You can't use shared bank space to transfer items between servers.

You do not have enough Points to make this purchase. Click the Add Points button to get more points, Or change the items in your cart.

If you are receiving this message, please ensure that you have enough Turbine Points to complete your purchase. If you are located in a region that uses Euros as a currency, the prices will be set in Euros. This cannot be changed

There was an error processing your request. Please try again later.

If you are receiving this error message when trying to access the store or make a purchase, there may be an issue occurring.

Please check the appropriate forums link to make sure there is not currently any scheduled downtime or if there are any reported outages:

LOTRO Forums

LOTRO Service News

I've been trying to purchase points via the LOTRO Store and when I go to PayPal to confirm my order, it crashes my client.

We have heard some cases of this occurring. Even if you have done so previously, we recommend contacting PayPal directly and verifying your account again. Doing so may resolve the issue.

I'm receiving an error message 'System is not available. Please try again later' when shopping in the Turbine Store.

If you are receiving this messsage, it may be the postal code in your billing address that is causing the problem.

Postal codes entered into Turbine's system must be at least 5 character long, and contain only numbers and letters. If your postal code does not match these criteria, please go update your billing address at the My Account website, and try these tips:

If your postal code is less than five characters long, add extra 0's (zeros) to the beginning so that it is five characters long (i.e. if your postal code is 1234, enter 01234 in the postal code field).

If your postal code has a space, dash or other punctuation in it, remove it. If this makes it less than five characters, see the tip above.

If you do not have a postal code, please enter 00000 in the postal code field.

Your store session has timed out. Please use the home button to reload the store.

If you receive this message, there may be an issue occurring with the LOTRO Store. Please check the LOTRO Forums for any updates on known issues.

The Turbine Store is blank or not displaying.

There may be a few reasons why the Turbine Store loads either as a completely black page, or just the background images load.

Note: If the Turbine Store loads into a "white screen” (often with a message of "file not found"), it is typically a temporary issue. Exiting and reloading the game typically remedies this (this screen/message is often an intermittent connectivity issue with your system loading the Turbine Store page).

1.) The primary causes of the store to load as a blank/black screen are listed below:

  1. Your computer's day/month/year/time or timezone settings are misconfigured. Log out of the game if you are logged in and confirm that the day/month/year/time and timezone are correct by double-clicking the Windows “clock” in the bottom right-corner of the desktop. Adjust as needed.
  2. Your in-game “Fullscreen Resolution” is mismatched with what Windows uses for the “desktop”. This sometimes causes “scaling” issues with the store page. While logged into the game, go to Options > Graphics and make sure that the numbers next to “Full Screen Resolution” are the same as what you have Windows configured to use on the desktop. Example: If Windows is using 1024x768 but the game is using 800x600, change the game to also use 1024x768. Doing so may allow the turbine Store to appear normally. You might need to exit and restart the game for this change to take effect. Sometimes, you may need to reset the games graphics at the launcher as a more in-depth reset of the games display settings. (Open the game launcher > Click the first button in the row in the upper-right corner > Options > Repair tab > “Reset Games Graphics Settings” and click “Yes” when prompted “Are you sure?” as you log in).
  3. The game or Internet Explorer (the game shares I.E’s system-wide connection settings) is configured to utilize a proxy server that is not allowing the store to load. – Click on the Windows “Start” button and choose Control Panel. In there, click on “Network and Internet” > “Internet Options”. In the Internet Options screen under the “Connections” tab, click “LAN Settings” (button) and if the “Use a proxy server” option is enabled, click to deselect it and click “Ok” twice. Important: Before testing the game, make sure that Internet Explorer can still connect to the internet with this disabled. If it can, then relaunch the game to test the store.
  4. Your computer has protections enabled that are blocking *.google-analytics.com from being loaded on your system. This site is used by the store to track purchases (mainly for the “recent purchases” and “popular items” lists), but is sometimes listed as a “greylisted” tracking site by some security apps and tools. As such, these tools block it, which causes the site to become nonfunctional. Your router and/or modem can also have similar protections that prevent this. Please refer to your device's security configuration setup. There are several ways that they may prevent its loading, often without notifying the user. One of the more common ways is to use a “Hosts” file redirect to point this page to a blank local page.*

2.) * To test if the pages are being blocked by your "Hosts" file, start by opening the folder:


In there, find the file named simply “HOSTS” (Important: There are other files here that have “HOSTS” in their names. The one you want to make changes to is just named “HOSTS”). Right-click on that specific file and choose “Rename”. Give it a name of “OLDHOSTS”, and press the “Enter” key. After doing so, you will need to reboot the PC and relaunch the game to test the store again.

If the store now loads with the HOSTS file renamed, go back to that file and change it from “OLDHOSTS” back to “HOSTS” and right-click it. Choose “Open With” > “Choose the program” and in the list that comes up, choose “Notepad”.

With the file open in Notepad, press the “F3” key (Search) and search for “google-analytics” (no quotes). You may find two occurrences listed in your file that look like what is below or similar: www.google-analytics.com ssl.google-analytics.com

Add a “#” (pound sign, and no quotes also) to the beginning of these lines as detailed below:

# www.google-analytics.com
# ssl.google-analytics.com

Exit out of Notepad and choose "Yes" when asked if you want to save changes. Next, reboot the PC again. Upon rebooting, relaunch the game again to test.

3.) Lastly, the Turbine Store may have display issues due to corruption of the files in the "Browser" folder itself. To start, exit the game and game launcher if they are open and perform the steps outlined below:

  1. Click on the Windows "Start" button and choose "Computer" from the list
  2. In there, double-click on your C: drive (may display as "Local Disk C")
  3. Double-click on "Program Files" (note: if you see "Program Files (x86)", double-click on that one instead)
  4. In that folder, double-click on the "Turbine" folder and then the "Dungeons & Dragons Online" or "The Lord of the Rings Online" folder

In that folder, look for a folder named "Browser". When located, right-click on it and choose "delete". Relaunch the game to test if the store is now functioning.

If you continue to experience issues loading the Turbine Store store, or need any assistance with the Turbine Store or Turbine Points, please follow up with Turbine Technical Support by clicking here.

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