The chat windows allow you to converse with other players in LOTRO.

You can chat with every other player on the server, including your Fellowship or Kinship, as well as send and receive personal messages. In addition to typing messages that are seen by players in your vicinity, there are different chat channels within the Chat windows. Click on the chat-bubble icon at the bottom left corner of the Chat window to select the default channel for your conversation.

You can also select Emotes which will list all of the emotes which your character can do. All of this can also be done with chat commands. Chat commands are all preceded by [/] (slash). For example, if you want to type a message that only your Kinship members can hear, type /k before the message.


To type a message that is only heard in your Fellowship’s channel, type /f before your message.


To see a complete list of chat commands, type /help in the Chat window.


To send a private message (PM, also called a tell) to another player type / tell <player name> <message>. To send a tell back to a person that has just sent you a message, type /r <message> in the Chat window. You can then use the IMs (Instant Messages) tab on your chat window to converse privately.


You can stop a person from sending you tells (personal messages). In fact, you can prevent the display of anything he broadcasts unless he is in a Fellowship with you by adding him to your Ignore list. To add a person to your Ignore List, select him, right-click on him, then scroll down to Chat and click Ignore. You can also add a character to your Ignore list through your Social panel, or by entering /ignore add playernamehere into your chat window.




Click the speech bubble at the bottom left-hand side of your chat window to set your default chat channel. You can change this whenever you wish.


For example, you might set it to Fellowship when you are questing, and to LFF when you are looking for a fellowship. You can still send a message to another channel; just use the same flag (/say, /f, /k, or whatever is appropriate).


NOTE: If you receive a message stating that "You are not in a <channelnamehere> channel" when trying to speak in a chat channel, make sure that you do not have that specific chat channel filtered out.


The default channels available are:

  • Say
  • Fellowship
  • Kinship
  • Advice
  • Emote
  • LFF (Looking For Fellowship)
  • OOC (Out of Character)
  • Officer
  • RP (Role-Playing)
  • Raid
  • Regional
  • Trade

Customizable Chat: User-defined chat channels (up to 4 slots) are available as well. /joinchannel <name> [password]' will create a channel (or join, if already existing) in the next free slot /leavechannel <name>' will exit a user channel, if already in it /userchat# <msg>' or '/uc# <msg>' will send a message to the channel of the slot specified /userchat <name> <msg>' or '/uc <name> <msg>' will send a message to the named chat channel if you're already a member of that channel You can also use /1, /2, /3, or /4 to talk in your user-defined chat channels.


Try joining a popular channel such as GLFF (Global Looking For Fellowship) with the /joinchannel glff command!


How do I customize my chat display settings in LOTRO?

To customize your chat display settings in LOTRO:

  1. Press Esc
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Chat
  4. Customize your chat and save your changes

Is it possible to enlarge text size in LOTRO?

To customize your chat display settings in LOTRO:

  1. Press Esc
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Chat
  4. Customize your chat and save your changes

How do I add more chat tabs to my chat window?

Right-click on the General Tab and click Create New Tab. A maximum of 5 tabs are available (including the General and IMs chat tab).

LOTRO Free-to-Play Chat Limitations


Chat Restrictions (Free subscriptions)


Free players can send tells to a unique character within a 30 second interval, with some small limits on how often you can send. Basically, once a free player sends a tell to another character, they can’t send tells to any other players for the next 30 seconds. Please do note that there are other ways (besides tells) to talk to other players.


These restrictions are in place to protect all of our players and the game experience, and prevent spam and third party abuse.


Chat Restrictions (Premium subscriptions)


Premium players do have limits on chat, but they are not as strict as the free restrictions. The time limits are not as restrictive, and you can talk to several players at once. Please do note that there are other ways (besides tells) to talk to other players.


Chat Restrictions (VIP subcriptions)


No restrictions. Chat as you like!


Chat Restrictions (VIP to Premium)


Players who downgrade from VIP are subject to the same Premium restrictions (as far as chat) as players who have never been VIP.


I am unable to see the GLFF chat channel on any of my characters.


If you are unable to see GLFF chat (or any other user created chat channel), please try the following:

  1. Close all non-default chat window tabs
  2. Right-click your primary chat tab header and go under Filters and select and de-select "User Chat 1" a few times (or the "user chat #" that your custom channel is currently on if not on 1)

Test the chat channel at this point. If you still cannot see chat, attempt the remaining steps:

  1. Open the in-game Options menu and under the "Chat" section, click the "Default" button
  2. Type "/listchannels" (no quotes) in the chat window
  3. Type "/leavechannel channelname" (no quotes and replace the channelname with the name of the channels your character is connected to) until your character is no longer connected to any user chat channels (re-run /listchannels once before logging off that character to confirm)
  4. Double-check the "Filters" option for your chat and make sure that the "General" tab is the only one to have the filters for "User Chat" 1 through 4 enabled on it
  5. Once all channels have been left on all characters, log onto the originally affected character and type "/joinchannel channelname" (again no quotes and replace channelname above with the name of the channel you are joining)

If it still does not display properly, try step 2 again (go into Filters and select and de-select "User Chat 1" a few times)

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