DDO Armor Appearance Kits FAQs

DDO Armor Appearance Kits - Released 12-13-2010

Armor Appearance Kits attach to existing armor sets to change your armor's appearance without losing the benefits of your real armor! Armor Appearance Kits can be toggled on and off in case you feel like changing to the old look of your armor, but it is not removable. Unbound armor that has an Armor Appearance Kit applied to it will become bound to account, while already-bound armor will retain its current binding. Each set has variations, color options, and unique accessories attached. The latest available appearance kits are:

  • The Leaf Line

Armor Appearance Kits can be found under the Cosmetics > Cosmetic Gear category of the DDO Store! You can sample the Armor Appearance Kits in designated trial zones prior to purchasing a permanent application. Armor Appearance Kit "dressing rooms" can be found in:

  • The Hammer and Chain in the Harbor
  • Second Gauntlet Goods in House Kundarak
  • The Lion's Head Armory in House Deneith

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