DDO Store Coupon Guide

What is a Coupon?

Coupons provide a new option for granting the discounts you crave! There may be several flavors of coupons we’ll use over time, granting discounts to specific items, entire categories, a whole shopping cart, and even point bundles.

How do I use a Coupon?

First, add an item(s) to your shopping cart. Browse the store or do a search to find the item you want, and then click the BUY button next to that item. To add more items, either click the DDO Store icon in the upper-right corner to go to the Store homepage, or click the Continue Shopping link to return to the previous view.

On the Shopping Cart page, simply enter your coupon code in the “Enter Code” box and hit apply coupon. You can either type the coupon or cut and paste it into the coupon field (Ctrl-C to copy, then click in the coupon field in the Store and hit Ctrl-V to paste).



The price column will remain the same, but you’ll see the total has decreased.



Once you’ve placed and finalized the order, your receipt page will show you your reduced total. This will also be visible in your order history. That’s all there is to it!


Where can I find coupons?


You never know where a coupon offer might appear. Keep an eye on our twitter feeds (@DDOUnlimited and @DDOSTORE)  , Facebook, the Official Forums, and your inbox!


Are there any restrictions on using coupons?


Coupons may have restrictions such as minimum shopping cart value, number of uses per person, and maximum number of uses per coupon ("only works for the first 100 people", etc).  If your coupon has any restrictions, they’ll be listed wherever you found the coupon.


My coupon code isn’t working. What gives?


Your Coupon may have an expiration date or it may have reached its maximum number of uses. Additionally, some coupons only work on a specific offer. You should always double check any restrictions on your coupon if you encounter this issue.


My percentage discount isn’t as large as it should be. Is there a limit on how much can be discounted?


Yes, some coupons may provide a percentage or fixed discount, whichever is smaller. So if the coupon is 40% off, it may only offer 40% up to 500 points off, at which point no additional Turbine points will be discounted. The rules affecting a coupon should be clearly defined when a coupon is issued by Turbine.


How do I remove an invalid coupon code so I can buy something?


If your coupon code is invalid, you can hit “Edit Shopping Cart” to bring you back to the checkout page and remove the coupon.


If I enter a coupon and don’t apply it, is it used up?


No. A coupon is only used once applied to a shopping cart or item and then a transaction completed. See above for information on how to remove a coupon.


Items at the checkout page are priced incorrectly when I use the coupon, am I being charged the wrong amount?


Use of coupons in the DDO Store may cause the price of individual items (under Total Price) to display incorrectly, but the Cart Total will reflect the correct value to be charged.

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