An Adventurer's Guide to Tasks in Middle-earth

An Adventurer's Guide to Tasks in Middle-earth

The Task system, introduced in the November 2010 Update, introduced repeatable quests. These quests are available to all players, regardless of subscription type, and regardless of Quest Pack purchases.

Tasks provide an alternative means of gaining experience (and sometimes reputation), targeted specifically at Free players, but available to any player of an appropriate level. For further information about the design goals behind this system, read the Developer Diary: Tasks by Allan "Orion" Maki and the December 2010 Producer's Letter by Kate "Nereid" Paiz.

Tasks, Limits, and Resets

While at first glance, tasks may appear similar to ordinary quests, they are in fact quite different. The differences are outlined below.

How to accept and turn in a Task

Tasks can be accepted from special Tasks Bulletin Board objects. These bulletin boards are located in 32 different quest hubs throughout the level 8 to 49 areas of Middle-earth. If a board has tasks available to a character, a parchment and quill icon will appear above the board, and the base of the board will sparkle.

A detailed listing of board locations and their tasks can be found in a following section. Near the bulletin boards in Gondamon, Hobbiton, Bree, Trestlebridge, and The Forsaken Inn, players will find an NPC who explains how the task system works.

Unlike the vast majority of quests in The Lord of the Rings Online, tasks have both a minimum and maximum level requirement to accept them. A task quest cannot be accepted unless your character is at the quest's minimum level, but no more than four levels above that.

Please note that if you accept the task prior to leveling, you can still hand it in and gain both the full reputation and a reduced amount of experience for the task even after you have leveled. An option exists, therefore, to accept a large number of tasks prior to leveling and then handing them in as your task limit permits. The number of tasks you can have at one time is only limited to the number of quests you can have.

None of the task quests currently have any quest guide information to display on the map. The text of the quest will usually indicate which types of creatures drop the required items. In a few cases, the quest text is not specific, and players may need to experiment to find the best location for the items.

After collecting the required number of trophy items from nearby creatures, players may turn in the Task at an NPC near the Task Bulletin Board where they accepted the Task. Players will be rewarded with a small amount of experience (compared to normal quests of the same level) and sometimes (but not always) reputation for a faction in that area. Tasks never reward coins or items.

Task items

Each task requires the player to collect a number of trophy items (a.k.a. "vendor trash"). The text of the task will usually (but not always) provide hints regarding which nearby creatures drop these items. Unlike most quest items, the trophy items required by tasks are not stored in a character's hidden Quest Log storage, but rather in the character's backpack. Players can save excess trophy items for repeating the task or for other future tasks (most trophy items are used for multiple tasks), or players can sell them to a vendor or even another player.

Not all trophy items are used for tasks, despite the scary red text appearing on their tooltips. In fact, only 119 unique items are used for all 279 tasks. Trophy items that can be used are in the process of being categorized into Task Items. For a more comprehensive list of task items, including the region each item is used in, there is also an excellent sortable table. Many task items are used in more than one region, so be sure to check the list before selling unfamiliar trash.

Daily Task limits and resets

A large number of Tasks can be accepted at any time: up to 40-50, limited only by the character's Quest Log size. However, when a player first starts out, only 5 Tasks can be completed each day. In fact, the same Task can be completed repeatedly to reach this limit. This can be helpful if a player has a large stack of trophy items and wishes to convert them to a small amount of experience (and sometimes reputation) instead of selling them to a vendor for coin.

Upon completing the five Task-related deeds, this limit can be permanently increased to a maximum of 10 Tasks per day. In addition, items may be purchased from the LOTRO Store (named "Increase Task Limit +1" in the Store) to further increase the daily limit. Using the combination of store items and deed rewards, the maximum limit can be increased to 15 Tasks per day. You can never move beyond a maximum of fifteen tasks daily.

If a player reaches the daily limit and wishes to continue turning in Tasks before the next reset (which occurs daily at 3 AM server time), the player can purchase a single-use item from the LOTRO Store (listed as "Task: Reset Daily Count" in the Store) to reset that day's task counter to zero. This can be done a maximum of five times per day, effectively increasing the total daily limit from 5 to 15 tasks to 25 to 75 tasks per day.

There are five deeds that require players to complete tasks. They can be found in the Reputation section of the Class/Race/Epic tab in the Deed Log. Each deed requires the player to complete 100 tasks.

Upon completing a deed, the player will receive a new title, a Task Rewards gift box, and 5 Turbine Points. In each gift box, players will receive an item that increases the daily task limit by 1, and an extra daily task reset item. Upon completing each of the final three deeds, players will receive a cosmetic cloak.

If you do the maximum limit of Tasks each day, you should finish your 500th Task on the 75th day. If you're not careful, you may out-level all the currently available tasks before you finish 500 of them.

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