String Table Error; TableDID

I'm seeing the message "String Table Error; TableDID .." when in-game or on character select.

This message comes up because the game cannot find a specific string (usually related to text). It can have several possible causes depending on how often you see it occurring:

  • Rarely: If you see it once or twice, it might just be an intermittent communication issue with the server causing the data it told your system to load to not be loaded correctly, (causing the game client to revert to this message i.e. "I couldn't find this string of text in the table"). Usually these occurrences are rare and have no adverse gameplay effects and are remedied by a restart.
  • Often: If the system is not loading the game data correctly, this error can come up if there are issues with it accessing/loading the required info. If you see this message all over the game much more often, then you should most likely reinstall the game per the steps outlined here.

I only see this message once, but it's always in a specific area. What can I do?

If you are encountering this message in a specific location (either text from an NPC, or an items description/name etc.) this may be an issue with the item data itself. In that instance, use the "/bug" (no quotes) command in-game to report what it is and where you are seeing it.

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