ERROR: Game client not found. The game client file ("lotroclient.exe"/"dndclient.exe") was not found. The next update process should download the correct file.

The game client file ("lotroclient.exe") was not found. The next update process should download the correct file.

Alternatively, DDO players may see this message:

The game client file ("dndclient.exe") was not found. The next update process should download the correct file.

This error message comes up on Windows Vista or 7, generally for one of the two reasons detailed below.

1.) The first cause is that either the shortcut you use, or one or more of the game files, is set to run in "Admin" or through compatibility mode, causing the client file to be "permissions" independent of the other files.

You should confirm that the game's "executable" (exe) files are not using compatibility mode when running.

To do so:

  1. Start by clicking on the Windows "Start" button and choose "Computer" from the list
  2. In there, double-click on your C: drive (may display as "Local Disk C:")
  3. Double-click on "Program Files" (note: if you see "Program Files (x86)" double-click on that one instead)
  4. In there, double-click on the "Turbine" folder and lastly double-click either the "Dungeons & Dragons Online" or "The Lord of the Rings Online" (Note for DDO users: You might see "DDO Unlimited" alternatively)

In there, locate these files:

  • "turbinelauncher.exe" (same for both games)
  • "turbineinvoker.exe" (same for both games)
  • "dndclient.exe" (DDO)
  • "lotroclient.exe" (LOTRO)

(Note: These files will most likely display without the ".exe" on the end. However, they will be the ones listed as an "Application" file and will have the "one-ring" (LOTRO) or "red shield" (DDO) icons for invoker/launcher, and a gray box icon for the client file)

Right-click on each file in turn and choose Properties. In Properties (under the Compatibility tab), make sure that the files are not running in any form of compatibility mode or via "Run as Administrator" as well. If any of these options are selected, de-select them and click "Ok" on Properties. (Note: You may need to perform the same check for the shortcut you use to launch the game from also.)

2.) This message can also occur if the game is installed into the C:\Users\Public or other "Public" folder on Vista/Windows 7 and happens because of the permissions configurations of these shared folders.

The only way to avoid this message in that instance is to uninstall the game and reinstall using the default installation folder path or reinstalling into a non-"Public" folder.

Important additional note for LOTRO players: If you are receiving this error message after running the game launcher and its attempt to have the Visual C++ Redistributable failed with an error 1935 or similar, follow up with both technical support as well as Microsoft (regarding the error received installing the C++ installer) as the failure of the Microsoft based installation indicates Windows Updates are not being allowed to function correctly on the system. The failure of the Microsoft Visual C++ installer generates the client not found message being returned from the game in this instance.  Windows Vista/7 users receiving the 1935 error on the Visual C++ installer have noted that if they disable User Account Control (UAC) temporarily it has remedied the 1935 error in some instances.  For details on temporarily disabling UAC please see the link here for Windows Vista or here for Windows 7.

Important Note for Comcast "Constant Guard" users: Recently we have received reports that the Constant Guard security suite has also caused the game to return the "client not found" error, if you have it installed try temporarily disabling it while running the game to test. If you find the error no longer occurs review its application settings to determine if it is affecting dndclient.exe or lotroclient.exe and has either of them flagged in the "Blocked Program" section.

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