DDO will not launch, and there are no error messages.

I log in, select a server, select a character and press the “Enter” button. The screen loads, gets to the very end and hangs there for 5 minutes. Then my PC locks up.

There are several possible causes for the game client to not launch in this manner and below are links to some articles in this KB that should help:

Start by checking into your drivers and the underlying settings of the game:

"Video/Graphic Sound and Network Driver FAQs"

"Graphics and Performance FAQs and some graphics related troubleshooting for DDO and LOTRO"

Also review the recommended steps here:

"Why can I hear sound but the screen is still black after I log in to the game?"

"Character select is blacked out" or "Cannot select character options like Race, Class or Gender"

If you receive a message (instead of a lock-up or crash) that says "Connection to the server was lost!" or "Connecting to login server - Attempt 1 of 20" then review these steps here:

"Connection to the Server has been Lost" ...

If you are not even getting past the game launcher's connection, please review these steps here:

"The game launcher is not connecting."

If you need further assistance, please follow up with Technical Support.

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