Packet loss and disconnects on a dial-up modem, going link dead on a dial-up modem

Some v90 modems have difficulty receiving the type of data packets that we send. We recommend that you us a non-v90 connection to your ISP, if it is available. Otherwise, you will want to lower the speed of your modem connection for more stability. To do this, right clicking on your "My Computer" icon and select "Properties" from the menu. Click on the Device Manager tab and open the Modem section. Select the Modem tab, and set the Maximum speed to 57600 (or 38400 if it was already set to 57600), then click OK.


If you have an external modem, in addition to the above change, open the Ports (COM&LPT) section of the Device Manager and double click on the port listed for your modem. Switch to the Port Settings tab and set the "Bits per Second" to at least 57600 (default is 9600) and the Flow Control to Hardware (default is xon/xoff). Click OK and reboot your computer.


In addition software-based modems can cause numerous connectivity problems, not just in our game but in general. The reason is because the CPU is being used to "pump" the data in a software modem, as well as it's other calculations. When playing a game, the CPU may not be able to make the necessary game calculations AND transmit data. We strongly recommend against using them and if you have one, we suggest that you purchase or acquire a hardware-based modem.


Further connection problems are cause by static and interference on your phone lines. You can have your local phone company check your phone lines for signal noise by asking for a "56k Quality Test". Your local phone company should provide this test at no charge. Excessive signal noise can cause a disruption in the data flow, which in turn would affect your connection to our servers.

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