DDO I have working voice chat, and sound on the intro movie, but no in-game sound. What can I do?

If there is no in-game sound:

  1. Please open the folder: "My Documents" (or "Documents")  > "Dungeons and Dragons Online"
  2. In this folder, locate and rename the "Userpreferences.ini" file (eg. oldUserpreferences.ini) and relaunch the game
  3. On the main launcher screen at the "server select" list, click the first button in the row in the upper right-corner (the one with the single down-arrow on it) and choose Options
  4. Under the "Repair" tab, click to enable the "Reset game display settings option"
  5. Click OK
  6. Log into the game
  7. At the character selection screen, click OPTIONS
  8. Click the Audio Tab and ensure that all volume options are ON

If you still need assistance, please contact Turbine Technical Support.

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