What is the difference between an Expansion and a Quest Pack?

Purchasing a Quest Pack unlocks all of the quests for the region, and may unlock instances, deeds and raids as well. Check the Quest Pack’s description to determine what is included in the purchase.

Purchasing an Expansion unlocks all of the features of the Expansion, such as character classes, character slots, instances, raids, skirmish rank upgrades, as well as all of the quests for the region.

You can also purchase Quest Pack for an Expansion in the Turbine Store without purchasing the full Expansion. These Quests Packs will unlock all of the quests associated with an Expansion. The description in the store will list the features that are being unlocked for all purchases, and will say whether you are purchasing a Quest Pack for the Expansion or the entire Expansion.

There are three full Expansion Packs available for purchase in the LOTRO Store: Riders of Rohan, Mines of Moria and Rise of Isengard.


Listed below is a breakdown of what comes with each of the Expansions, and what each component costs if purchased individually.


Expansion: Riders of Rohan


For a breakdown on what comes with Riders of Rohan, click here.


Expansion: Mines of Moria (2495 TP)



  • Expansion Quests: Moria (1495 TP if purchased individually)
  • 2 Character Slots (595 TP each if purchased individually)
  • Runekeeper and Warden Classes (795 TP each if purchased individually)
  • Skirmish Rank Max Rank: 15 (195 TP if purchased individually)

Expansion: Rise of Isengard (4995 TP)



  • Expansion Quests: Isengard (3250 TP if purchased individually)
  • Instance Cluster: Isengard (1495 TP if purchased individually)
  • Raid: Draigoch’s Lair (1250 TP if purchased individually)
  • Skirmish Trait Max Rank: 35 (195 TP if purchased individually)

The full Rise of Isengard expansion is also available for purchase through isengard.lotro.com. When purchased through that website, the Expansion Pack may include exclusive mounts and cosmetic armors, as well as additional Quest Packs and Turbine Points, depending on which edition you choose.


LOTRO’s second Expansion Pack, Siege of Mirkwood, is no longer bundled as a full Expansion Pack. The pieces that made up that Expansion can be purchased from the LOTRO Store individually. Those pieces are listed below.

  • Expansion Quests: Mirkwood (995 TP)
  • Skirmish Trait Max Rank: 25 (195 TP)

A VIP subscription includes access to all Quest Packs outside of the Expansion Quest packs (Moria, Mirkwood and Isengard, which must be purchased separately in order to access).

Useful links: List of features for LOTRO Quest Packs- http://www.lotro.com/lotrostorequests

If you have any questions with regards to features included with either a Quest Pack or an Expansion, please contact Account Support by clicking here.

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