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  1. Account Support
  2. Am I allowed to share my account with others?
  3. Best Practices in Online Security
  4. How do I appeal a ban on my account?
  5. How do I give a gift of VIP status or Turbine Points to a friend?
  6. I already have an existing Turbine account and want to add DDO to it. How do I do this?
  1. Technical Support
  2. Can I play DDO on Linux or UNIX?
  3. DDO & LOTRO USB Device FAQs (joysticks, game controllers, networking etc)
  4. DDO Firewall Help
  5. How can I increase performance on my laptop and/or portable?
  6. How can I increase virtual memory?
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  1. Premium Services
  2. DDO Character Undelete FAQs
  3. DDO Guild Rename FAQs
  4. DDO World Character Transfer FAQs
  5. Is it possible to change the gender of my character?
  1. Gameplay Support
  2. "Your character is being saved. Please try again later." or "Your character could not be placed in the world"
  3. Beginner's Guide to DDO Gameplay
  4. Beginner's Guide to DDO Veteran Status
  5. DDO - Important Announcement Regarding Server Population (Server Merge of 2007)
  6. DDO A character or mob is stuck in the landscape and cannot move. What should I do?
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  1. DDO Store
  2. "Unknown offer id in request; cannot process request."
  3. DDO Character Rename FAQs
  4. DDO Store Coupon Guide
  5. DDO Store FAQs
  6. DDO Turbine Point Card FAQs
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  1. DDO Free-to-Play
  2. DDO Free-to-Play FAQs
  3. Does my VIP subscription renew automatically?
  4. How much does it cost to play DDO?
  5. I added a Shadowfell Conspiracy Product Key to my subscription but the website isn't showing that I did.
  6. I don't understand all of the abbreviations used in DDO.
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  1. DDO Forums
  2. DDO Forums FAQs
  3. DDO.com related sites show "Maintenance" pages after the website update.
  4. How do I report a bug that I've experienced in the game?
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  1. DDO Players Outside North America
  2. Closure of Codemasters Migration Services for LOTRO and DDO
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