My DDO Launcher is stuck on 'Getting Data Centers'

If your Launcher is stuck at Getting Data Centers, the DDO servers may be down, or there may be a known issue occurring. Please check the DDO Launcher and DDO Forums for status updates and troubleshooting tips.

If the DDO servers are up, and there are no known issues occurring, please make sure your Launcher window is closed and then open My Documents and browse to the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\(username you use to log in to Windows)\Local Settings\Application Data\Turbine\Dungeons and Dragons Online\Launcher

Local Settings is a hidden folder, so if you do not see Local Settings, please follow these instructions to show Hidden files and folders. In your My Computer window, click on Tools, then Folder Options, then the View Tab. In the white box at the bottom of the screen, find the “Hidden files and folders” section. Place the radial dot next to “Show hidden files and folders” and click Ok.

Once inside the Launcher folder, delete the LauncherUserSettings.xml.

Close out of all open windows and restart your launcher.

If your DDO Launcher is still stuck on 'Getting Data Centers':

1. Close your DDO Client

2. Go to Start - Run

3. In the box, type IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS

4. Press enter

5. Restart the client

If Using Vista

Sometimes on Vista after installing DDO (and in some other instances), the DDO launcher hangs at "Examine Programs." To fix this, please go into the folder you have DDO installed (Typically C:\Program Files\Turbine\Dungeons & Dragons Online – Stormreach) and run this file (if this is happening on XP look for the steps in parenthesis):


Right-click and choose “Run as Administrator” to run the file and the DDO Live server client should launch correctly.

(On XP: Double click the TurbineRegisterGDF.exe file)

If it still hangs at examine programs, you might need to manually perform the functions of the TurbineregisterGDF.exe program:

1. Click the blue Windows logo button -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right Click on Command Prompt

(On XP: Click on "Start" > "Run" and type "cmd" without quotes, hit "Enter" and skip to step 3)

2. Select: Run as Administrator

3. Type the following line in the Command Prompt Window:

CD “C:\Program Files\Turbine\Dungeons & Dragons Online – Stormreach”

UPDATE: Or if you reinstalled with the updated DDO:U Mod 9 installations use this:

CD "C:\Program Files\Turbine\DDO Unlimited"

(It will look roughly like this in the Command Prompt window, appearance will vary but the command should look like this:


C:>CD "C:\Program Files\Turbine\DDO Unlimited"



C:>CD "C:\Program Files\Turbine\DDO Unlimited"(If using Windows XP or Vista 64bit use one of these below instead):

CD “C:\Program Files (x86)\Turbine\DDO Unlimited”

CD "C:\Program Files (x86)\Turbine\DDO Unlimited"

4. Hit Enter

5. Type: Regsvr32 PatchWrapper.dll

6. Hit Enter (you should get a success message)

7. Type: Regsvr32 PatchWrapperPS.dll

8. Hit Enter (you should get a success message)

9. Try launching the game again

If you are still receiving this error message, please contact Turbine Technical Support. 

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